November 12, 2009

We have a Molar & Date Night

Noah finally has his first molar in, and man, it came in with a vengeance. He has been in so much pain this week, even to the point of not being able to sleep. As a mother I often felt a sense of helplessness because Tylenol and Orajel {God-sent medications} didn't even seem to do the trick. Poor, poor baby.

The good news is that Noah has been feeling much, much better! He has been the happiest little guy today; we've had a great day together. I was so happy and very thankful to see his sweet smile and to hear him laugh today. I have sure missed his happy little self lately.

Our day started off early around 7:30 am, which sadly, is becoming our normal rise and shine time. After we ate breakfast and got ready for the day, we went to Bible study, and it was wonderful! We've missed a couple weeks for various reasons, so it was so good to dive back into the word of God and fellowship with the wonderful women in my Bible study group. I wasn't sure how Noah would react to going back to Wee-Care, but he loved it! And he did not even cry once. I am so proud of him. I went in to check on him during a break, and he was just so content and happy playing and eating gold fish. I am so thankful for the opportunity for him to be a part of the children's ministry at Christ Chapel. What a blessing!

Tonight Noah and I had our very first Mommy & Son "date" night, and we had the best time. We shared some enchiladas together {I've been on an enchilada kick lately}, and they were so good! I've never been brave enough to try them at Rosa's, but I was pleasantly surprised how tasty they were. Noah thought they were pretty yummy too, although he is more of a tortilla and queso guy. At one point during our meal I gave him a piece of lettuce to try, and his face was priceless. He was not impressed. In fact, you could tell he thought it was disgusting. I really wish I would have gotten a picture of his face.

After we stuffed ourselves full of enchiladas and tortillas, we ran to Target. I am taking a meal tomorrow to a precious woman in our church who just had a baby. I can't wait to meet little Emily! I've seen pictures, but I can't wait to hold her! Anyway... Target! Of course we browsed around for a while before we went to the food section. Noah was precious. So patient & happy. Target, among many other stores, already has their Christmas stuff out. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but it's so sad how Thanksgiving is overlooked every year. We have so much to be thankful for. I have been trying to come up with something creative {like a thanksgiving tradition} to encourage thankfulness with our family every year. I think it is so important to teach our children to be thankful, not just during the Thanksgiving season, but everyday. So when my creative wheels start turning and I come up with something, I'll be sure to share it with you!

But... I am guilty, and I did purchase two things for Christmas that I couldn't pass up. I mean, aren't these plates adorable?!


I guess I wasn't a very good example to Noah buying these plates, but I just had to have them. Plus Noah needed something to keep him preoccupied! Haha

After looking around for a little bit, Noah started getting to the point where he wanted to stand up in the cart. That's always the point where I start to wrap it up and head over to a check out lane because you can bet a crying fit is about to happen. After wrestling with Noah for a couple minutes and trying to get him to sit down, we compromised and I let him sit sideways in the seat so he could look behind him. I looked at my list of what I needed and put a couple of things in the cart, and then Noah started doing the cutest thing! Occasionally I would pick something up and give it to Noah to hold, but instead of holding on to it he would turn around and drop it into the back of the cart. At one point he even grabbed my shopping list and thew it in the cart. He loved it! Here is Mommy's big helper!


I am so thankful for my little guy. What are you thankful for?


Angie said...

Awww... What a precious Mommy/Son! You two had a blast Date night! What a fun! I am so happy that you two spent the quality time together! Those plates are beuatiful and cherish! Yes, I remember our kids with me at store, They picked and throw in the cart! That's SO cute!! You remind me of our precious memories! Thanks for sharing this with us..You are an AMAZING person and wonderful family! I am thankful to have you all part of our lives....I am THANKFUL for my family! My favorite holiday is Christmas!! I can't wait in the future our own christmas tradition! It will be a blessings! I am proud of you! OILY

Sarah Brown said...

So cute! I love that we likes to help. I am thankful for so many things but the first thing that I thought of was my family. My parents just came home from their mission in South Africa and this was their first time getting to meet Maggie. They were gone for a year and a half.