November 18, 2009

Thank you God

Thank you for these three boys.


Thank you for being faithful & true.

You made the Heavens, the earth,
the trees, the flowers, & the birds.

You made me, my family, my friends.
You made everyone important to me.
Thank you God.

You are my provider.
You give me freedom & peace.
You give me a hiding place.
You give me a rock to stand on.
You give me life.
Thank you God.

You are my deliverer.
My strength when I am weak.
My refuge when I am afraid.
You are my joy when I am sad.
You are my hope when all is lost.
My light amidst the darkness.
Thank you God.

I worship you my God.
I raise my hands to you my King.
I shout to you my Lord.
I cry to you my Savior.
I praise you my Creator.
I sing to you Almighty.

Because of who you are,
I give you you thanks.

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Angie said...

You are the BEST post a pictures!! I want to learn how so I can post pictures/ slideshow/ video just like yours!!