November 19, 2009

Noah & the Big Announcement

It's confession time.
Noah and I may have cheated a little bit.

We had 3 drawings, but hold on, let me explain.

I never realized how difficult it would be to have
Noah pick the winner. I'm telling you it was a challenge!

Drawing #1
I gave him the basket of names hoping he would just pick one.
Nope, he turned the basket upside down and all the names fell out.
So everyone "won" on the first try.
But I'm sorry to say that I'm just not rich
enough to buy everyone coffee & a cozy.
So, on to drawing #2...

Drawing #2
The basket remained upright this time, but
Noah still thought there needed to be more than
just one winner. He grabbed a handful of names.
By this time I was starting to think maybe
I should just get Josh to pick a name.
But I decided to give little Noah one more try.

Drawing #3
Way to go Noah!
He put his hand in the basket and
came out with just 1 name this time!


Yay! Congratulations Kaki!
You won the coffee cozy & Starbucks gift card!

Send me an email or get a hold of me on facebook
and tell me what color {pink or brown} cozy you would like
so I can send the gifts to you!

Thank you to every person who took the time
to comment and tell me what you are thankful
for. I loved reading all of your comments!


Anonymous said...

Are you serious!?! I never win give-a-ways! Please, give your sweet boy a hug from me for picking my name! I'd love the adorable pink cozy! (And I'll facebook message you my address.) Thank you so much for hosting this, Libby!! So fun!

Linda P. said...

Congrats to you, Kaki! Enjoy that coffee and cozy. : ) Thanks for the fun opportunity to enter, Libby, and for the chance to post what we are thankful for!