August 13, 2009

Party Plannin'

Location reserved- check
Birthday cake and cupcakes ordered- check
Invitations made (but not sent out)- check
Address list started- check
(I guess I can check that one?)
2 adorable little containers bought for punch (only $2 for both!)- check

Noah's one-year birthday party is underway, but as I've gone through my checklist I've realized I still have a lot of unchecked to-do's that need to be taken care of. I initially started planning around two months ago, but despite my efforts to plan ahead, I'm panicking trying to get things ready for his party; it's only two weeks away! Eeek! But I just need to take a deep breath because it will all come together, and will be so much fun!

In all honesty, planning for Noah's party has gone very smoothly, and it has been a lot of fun. I just can't believe I'm planning a party for my baby! He can't be a one-year old yet! One of my friends commented on the last blog I posted saying, "You are right. They grow sooo fast, and the next thing you know he will be in kindergarten, Jr high, high school...THEN will graduate and be gone." I almost burst into tears when I read that. I'm a little emotional right now, can you tell?

Anyway, maybe a couple weeks ago I got a "First Birthday" pamphlet from Toys-R-Us and inside was a party planner check list. Um, it was a little excessive. Pinata? Seriously? It's a ONE year old's party for goodness sake. Balloons with helium tank? That's just funny. I don't know. Maybe some people go all out and get everything on the check list, but I got a good laugh out of some of the things on there.

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