August 15, 2009

My Mischievous Little Boy

Noah has several things he loves to get into around here.

1. Once he started crawling, Noah found out how to open the kitchen cabinets in no time. And guess what his favorite cabinet to open is? The cabinet with all the cleaning stuff. I don't care if he gets into the pots and pans, but the cabinet with the cleaning supplies is a no-no. And Noah knows that cabinet is off limits, but does he care? Oh no. Because he knows he isn't supposed to get into it, he does. Our bar stools now have a permanent residence in front of the cabinets until I get something to lock those things up!

2. Take a look at this picture. Remember seeing the decorative item in the very left corner from "Our New Home" blog?

Well, Noah loves to bang it against the wall, so most of the time you will find it up on top of the glass table. I knew when I was decorating that he would probably get into it, but didn't realize it would become one of his favorite things to play with.

3. Noah loves the lamps in our living room. They are kind of wobbly anyway, but when Noah gets his hands on them, you'd better not get too close because that lamp is coming down on you. I always look at him as his little hand is tightly clinched around the pole and say, "no-no Noah," but that lamp is swinging back and forth before I can even finish saying his name.

4. Here's another thing Noah loves to get into:

As you can see from this picture, he managed to squeeze his little body past my barricade so that he could play with the tree's fake grass or moss or whatever it is. I have to say this is probably his favorite thing to get into. He loves to play with that stuff, and you can imagine how messy it gets.

And here is the face he gave me when I caught him playing in the tree!

Noah, Noah, Noah what am I going to do with you?


Cynthia Meeks said...

I looked at these pictures last night, but I just now realized that he had pulled all the moss stuff out of the tree in the bottom one! So funny! They are just getting into everything these days. I created all the stuff for my blog on photoshop elements, but whatever program you did your current blog layout on would work I'm sure. I think the signature was about 150 px wide which seems to be a good size. As far as how to install it look at she just did a tutorial on it on Aug. 11. Thats also where I get all the fonts I use. She has tons of cute ones for free! How is 1st birthday party coming together? Where are you guys having it at? We are just doing it at Jered's parents house.

Erica Nye said...

So cute is he! Moss and all.