August 22, 2009

Diet Dr. Pepper

Noah loves the refrigerator. It doesn't matter what he is doing, if he hears it open, he'll drop what he is doing and crawl over to the fridge. He doesn't really care what is inside the fridge; he just loves swinging the door. Noah gets pretty darn mad when I make him close the door, so most of the time I try to grab what I need really quickly and close it before he can get over to it.

Tonight I was getting something out of the fridge, and of course Noah came crawling over as soon as he heard it open. But this time, he wasn't as interested in the door as he usually is. No, Noah had his eye on something else tonight.

Noah found himself a Diet Dr. Pepper! Apparently he is quite fond of mommy's favorite drink.

Isn't he so cute trying to drink from the can?! Look a little bit closer at the picture.

He has it upside down!

"How do you get this thing open!?"

He can play with the can all he wants, but let's just hope he doesn't get addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper like his mommy!

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