August 02, 2009

More of Our New Home!

Moving in was definitely a lot of work, but it has been a lot of fun starting fresh in our new home. And... we love it and I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out. I love to decorate and that is something my mother and I have in common. When we get together Josh knows it's trouble and some money is gonna be spent. Haha But really the great thing about our new apartment was we were able to use pretty much everything we had in our old apartment. It was amazing how everything had a perfect spot here. When my mother and I get together to decorate, it's amazing how quick we can turn a boring four walled room into a warm, inviting home. Anyway. I know some of you have been waiting a long time for some pictures of where we actually live, so here it is!

Walking in through the front door.
You see the white doors to the right?
Well those doors hide the...

Washer and Dryer!

And right across from the Washer and Dryer is
Josh's favorite spot in the house: the computer cubby
hole. Actually I have to admit I love this area too.
It's such a comfortable area to sit down
and blog or surf the internet.
It's still a work in progress, but it is coming along.

As soon as you come through the front door
this is the hallway to the living room. I
LOVE the hardwood floors!

Our living room. Just like in Noah's room
we had a little big problem with the curtains being
too short. The ceilings are pretty high, which I
love, but just made it a little difficult figuring out
how to get our curtains longer without having
to buy a bunch of new ones. They are expensive!!

Anyway, since we had less windows in this
apartment than the last apartment we lived
in, we just decided to cut the extra curtains
to make the other ones longer.
And they look wonderful thanks to my
mother's fabulous sewing skills.

And here some different angles of the living room.

The picture below is the hallway with the two
white doors next to the entertainment
center you see in the picture above.
The first door closest to the t.v. is the bathroom,
and the next door is Noah's room.

The guest bathroom. It's a little small,
so it was kinda difficult taking pictures of it.
I had to get a bunch of different angles.

Both bathrooms have garden tubs. They are
wonderful to take baths in, and Noah especially loves
all the extra room when it's bathtime.

And here are some pictures of the dining room.
I just love the layout of this apartment.
The living room, dining room,
and kitchen are all open to each other.

And I saved the best for last. My new kitchen!
I absolutely love it!

I have one more room to show you: our bedroom. But you are going to have to wait to see it. I have no idea why, but I have always neglected our bedroom in every single apartment we have been in, and I decided this time my room was going to have a complete makeover. It is still a work in progress, so I will just have to save it for another day.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our new home!



Mary said...

Hi Libby!
What a beautiful home and adorable baby you have! I am so glad that you found our blog so that I could find yours :) Have a wonderful week, and please tell Josh hi from the Stricklands!

Angie said...

Oh...I LOVE YOUR NEW HOME!!! Beautiful! Be sure to show us your bedroom ok! OILY

Mrs. Williams said...

CUTE DECOR.. Like your new place