January 29, 2010



I'll be the first to admit I enjoy Super Bowl Sunday for two reasons: the food and the funny commercials. I'm just not a big fan of football, or any sport for that matter. I seriously don't know how Josh and I ended up together {maybe opposites attract theory??} because Josh is a huge, I mean huge sports guy. Josh doesn't go a day without listening, watching, or reading something on the topic of sports. Maybe I should explain exactly what I mean. Anytime I get in the car after Josh has driven, the radio station is always on a sports talk radio station. He has a full page on his iPhone dedicated to just sports apps. See where this is going? The magazine rack in his bathroom is overflowing with Sports Illustrated magazines. If Josh has the television on you can bet he's watching SportsCenter. And he's always saying something about Bill Simmons {some guy on espn.com} this and that. I think I hear that name at least once a day. His toilet book {don't mean to be crude} is called The Book of Basketball for crying out loud. There have been times when I thought he was gonna sit on the toilet all day and finish that 700 page book. I'm not kidding, it's literally 700 pages. So there you have it. My husband is big into sports.

With that being said, you can imagine how ready he is for Super Bowl Sunday to be here, as I'm sure many of you are. Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl Party or attending one this year it's time to start thinking of what you are going to prepare for the big event. I saw a dessert idea the other day perfect for a Super Bowl Party. So of course I just had to share it with you.


Cute, huh? I am thinking about trying them out myself. They don't look too hard to make. Wanna make them? Click here.

Well, off to make dinner! Have a wonderful evening, and stay warm!


Megan Slane said...

oh wow, Libby! i love reading these blogs of yours! they always make me laugh! even after a hard and frustrating day either at work, or like yesterday, after getting my car stuck in a snow bank that is waist deep on me and only like 45-50 feet from my front door. wow!

perhaps josh is trying to go for the "homerun" with that book on the toilet...never know! :)

Kasey said...

those little football cupcakes are so cute! i just might have to try that myself!

Linda P. said...

Your post made me laugh, Libby!

Angie said...

Yep, I am just like you...I am not big fan of football...All I like to do is EAT, and LOVE to watch funny commericals...Love that idea of cute cupcakes...I need to try that someday! Thanks for sharing us with your idea!