January 18, 2010

Not me! Monday

So I thought tonight, since I am fresh out of things to blog about {writer block, perhaps?) I would join Not me! Monday created by MckMama to admit some of my imperfections. I must be desperate to post something! Ha.

Let's start with the first born: Einstein. I did not spank Einstein and put him in our room for a "time out" tonight {he's a dog-- that would just be crazy} since he was barking non-stop and driving me up the wall.

I most certainly did not warm up a Lean Cuisine for Noah to eat for dinner because I had a hungry little boy pulling at my pant leg crying. Nope. There's no way I did that.

I did not obsessively watch four episodes of Grey's Anatomy in bed with Josh last night. No, not me! I would never waste that much of my time on a television show.

I would never tell Noah to pick up his banana {that had been thrown on the dirty ground multiple times} and eat it. No, definitely not this germaphobe.

Lastly, I did not decide {after I laid Noah on the changing table and realized there was not a diaper in sight} to let Noah run around the house naked after his bath tonight. Definitely not this momma. I would never do that, especially since I knew our back porch door was wide open. I most certainly did not have a bare-bunned toddler running up and down the porch exposing himself to the world. No, not me!

Well, that was therapeutic! I might have to do this more often. What do you need to get off your chest? Please do share!


Three Guys & a Gal said...

I do Not do any of those things either! By the way Briggs is reading PEOPLE. Go figure he finds the girl in it!

The Christians said...

I did not give Ian Cheerios that had dropped on the floor (more than once!). I definitely did not keep him in his jammies all day, even after he had spit up on them. I did not just wipe the spit up off and think he was still clean enough - definitely not! And I did not serve my hubby and baby left-overs three nights in a row! Not this Momma!

The Bonjour Four said...

Haha! That's great! loved reading it!

Angie said...

I am not Monday person!! Seriouly...