August 31, 2011

It's a Random Wednesday

Last night Noah and I met his new teachers, and they are just as sweet as can be. When we first met them at the door, Noah was {not surprisingly} a little apprehensive. But it wasn't long before he was happily sitting at one of the tables eating a cupcake and coloring an owl paper. And while we were driving home, Noah said, "Had fun with friends!" Made me smile ear to ear. :) I'm excited for Noah as he starts a new year of Mother's Day Out.

Have you ever heard of crazy forts? Such a cool invention. Noah has a couple sets of them {thanks Gigi & Papa and Grammy!}, and he and Josh go crazy building all kinds of forts. Noah loves it so much; he sleeps in his fort every night. I mean, who cares about Curious George sheets when you got an awesome fort to sleep in, right?

I need to remember to buy fruit loops next time I go to the store. Noah would have so much fun with this.

I am so excited about our family trip to San Antonio in October! We are taking Noah to Sea World for a late birthday present. Our weekend is all planned out and it sounds just perfect.

Sara Schmutz recently released her new digital kit Nursery Rhymes and it is oh so cute! I will be purchasing the kit as soon as it goes on sale.

Well, I really thought I had more randomness to share, but I guess that's about it. :)

Happy Wednesday!



Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Girl, I'm totally addicted to Pinterest, too!! I just started following you :)

Kelly said...

pinterest yes please.
crazy forts... never heard of them. they look like tinker toys on steroids., but also look oh so fun!