September 02, 2011


Last Saturday was Noah's 3rd birthday. *sigh* Our little guy is growing up! We celebrated Noah's special day together as a family. It was just the four of us, or as Noah always loves to say when we're all together, "Daddy... Mommy... Noah... and Einsteinnn!"

Our morning started early {as most of our mornings do} around 7:30. Chocolate chip pancakes {with whipped cream of course!} were on the menu for Noah's birthday breakfast. Yum! We all enjoyed our fair share of chocolate that morning. :)

Noah loves trains. Well really, he loves all things transportation, but trains are probably his favorite. So we decided it would be fun to take Mr. Noah to ride the miniature train in Trinity Park. He had ridden the train one other time before, so we knew he would be excited to have the chance to ride again. Of course, we were running late and the train almost left without us, but we made it just in time to buy our tickets and board.

Here is the only picture I was able to get of Noah riding the train. Yeah, not a happy camper.


About half way through the ride, the train made a stop, and we had the chance to buy drinks and popcorn. I thought I might be able to get a picture of Noah at that point, but my poor little guy took a hard fall when he got off the train and scraped his little knee up. As soon as the train started up again, Noah forgot all about his ouchie. He loved the train ride. We all did. It is such a fun experience.

After our fun adventure riding the train, we went to a nearby pond to feed the ducks.


This little duck was the smart one in the group. He decided to go directly to the food source instead of waiting for a piece of bread to be thrown to him. It wasn't long before he made his way out of the water and waddled right over to us. Noah loved feeding him.


We had another little friend hanging around too...


Sweet birthday boy feeding the ducks.


After we spent some time at the duck pond, we decided it was time to eat some lunch! Noah loves hamburgers, so we braved the crowd and took him to the newly opened In & Out Burger. It was yummmy!

We were so tired after lunch, so we decided to head on home and take a little nap {which ended up being a four hour nap!} :) While Noah was sleeping, Josh and I made the birthday boy a mayonnaise cake {a Bonjour family tradition!} so we could eat it later that evening after dinner.

Later that night, we ordered in a pizza {yum!} and then it was time for birthday cake! Here is a sweet video of Noah blowing out his three candles. I love how he sang along with us. :)

After we ate cake, we threw a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor and snuggled together while we watched "Finding Nemo." We only got about half way through the movie, but it was fun while it lasted.

What a wonderful, fun-filled day we had together celebrating Noah turning three!



Linda Jordan said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday for a little guy! And in-n-out burger is soooo yummy :) I'm from the west coast so they've always been one of my fast food treats... now I'm just waiting for them to make there way east...


Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

Jen Lane said...

What a fun filled day! Wish we had a train nearby! :) I want that cake recipe!

Tiffany said...

now that sounds like my kinda birthday celebration ;)

Lindsey Jo said...

that video is precious. i couldn't help but cheer for him to get that last candle! haha.

Kasey said...

Aw! Libby! That was absolutely precious. Made me tear up a little bit. It makes me think about how much and how fast our kids are growing. Happy 3rd Birthday to your sweet little guy!!!!!

Mary said...

That sounds like the perfect birthday! He is just so stinkin cute. :)

I love the picture of the duck by the way

Have a great weekend!

Linda P. said...

Thank you for sharing Noah's birthday activities with us! Sounds like it was a great day of making memories.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

These pictures are so pretty! I wish we had an In-N-Out burger!!