January 26, 2012


current book blog(s):
(i'm not currently reading anything, so i'm gonna steal
annie's idea and share my favorite current blogs)

current playlist:
teitur-- poetry & aeroplanes
current fav
One And Only by Teitur on Grooveshark

current color:
yeah... that pedicure i was planning on
getting this week didn't happen. you better
believe next week i'll be pampering myself.
thinking GOLD

current food:

current favorite show movie:
water for elephants
loved it! now i really want to read the book

current need:
to quit procrastinating and
clean up our messy house

current outfit:
work out clothes

current triumph
it's been 26 days since i've had a dr pepper
(for those of you know me well, you know this is HUGE)
i've also started up weight watchers and c25k this week
feels so good to be back on track

current bane of my existence:
clothes are all over the place

current favorite quote:
"don't cry because it's over. smile because it happened." --dr.suess

current indulgence:
i'm indulging tomorrow and making these

current #1 blessing:
these two little stinkers who keep me on my toes!
current excitement:
family day on saturday :)

current mood:

current favorite product:
haven't ordered it yet, but i'm pretty sure this
curling iron is going to make me a happy girl
the look i'm going for

happy friday!



Libby's Life said...

Ha ha I need to stop procrastinating and clean my house too! It's a disaster area... Maybe I'll force myself this weekend. I have that curling iron & have for years, my mom gave it to me. I actually have a couple. It works great and gets extremely hot! I'm currently growing out my hair so I love that hair too. I want long pretty hair like that again, I feel prettier with long hair I've decided. I just like the change of short sometime. But I totally think you should get the curling iron, they're the best kind. It's what my hair dresser uses & best friend who is also a hair dresser. :)

Annie said...

I've been wanting to watch that movie! Good to know you liked it. And laundry... Grrrrr... It's never ending. :(

Jami Nato said...

oh you. thanks.
also, love the music.
also, haven't seen water for elephants. i guess it's good, huh?