October 11, 2011

It's Been a While

Hey there!
Remember me, the girl that used to write in this little space?
I've been a super horrible blogger lately.
Life has just been busy! In a good way, of course.


But I do miss writing, and I miss sharing what's been
going on with us... especially about our little guy.
He's growing and changing and learning so much.


I hope to get back to blogging regularly very soon.
But for now, I'm busy with last minute laundry and packing.
Tomorrow we off to San Antonio to take Noah
to Sea World for his birthday! Can't wait!



Chrissy said...

Oh, it really has been a while! Miss you! You were one of my first bloggy friends with awesome advice when ever I needed it!
So much has changed in our lives...your sweet Noah has grown so much - and it's his birthday! Yay, Happy Birthday, Noah!
And we moved back to Germany...still trying to adjust!
Looking forward to reading more of you again!
Enjoy Sea World!
Hugs xxx

Lindsey Jo said...

get with it lady ;) have fun at sea world, noah's gonna love it!

tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

Noah is just SO handsome! have a blast in S.A.! we sure do miss you around here :) xo

Melanie Lyons said...

Love the pictures of Noah! Dislike how grown up he looks :(

Mary said...

Have fun at Sea World! He is such a cutie :)