February 21, 2011

Whatever Works

Here are some of my favorite outtakes of Noah modeling
the hats Mary sent him for the giveaway post.
{This would not have happened without a bag of candy!}

Whatever works, right?


I'm serious woman. If you don't give me the
candy you promised, this hat is coming off!


Candy... now!!


Okay. Now go ahead... snap away.


Yummmmy candy!


A ring pop and Andes mints! She hooked me up!


What? You want me to smile?


Sorry Mom. That was not part of the deal.



Jen said...

Oh my goodness. How stinkin funny! I LOVE the hat! PS- do you think Noah would hook me up with an Andies? I love those bad boys.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Ha ha those captions were totally accurate. Love it!

Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

love the pictures AND the captions :)

Mary said...

Those are so cute! The captions made me laugh.

Have a good night :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute and funny! I love the commentary!

I bribe my kiddo with cookies ... but he doesn't know that majority of the cookies I give him are Saltine crackers. :)

Maegan :)

The Christians said...

Adorable!! He knows how to get the good stuff!

jillian sara said...

bahahaha! So cute! I love pictures with captions!

Chrissy said...

Love the first hat! So stinkin' cute!

Heather Mullin said...

Haha...this is way cute! Love all of his little faces!

tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

these ARE funny!!! you can totally see the seriousness in his face!! he means business!!

I'd let you take as many pics of me in a knit hat as long as you gave me Andes mints!! Yummmm!!

I just wanna squeeze those sweet cheeks :)

Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

hahah! I did this with the boys a couple years ago and it SO didn't work!! They could have cared less what I was trying to do!

rachel porter said...

thanks for the loves. if i'm feeling fancy and i have energy ;) i bust out the canon 5d with the 35mm lense. LOVE IT. do you have a camera you like?

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

These are adorable, I love all the candids!

Rachel said...

He is very handsome :) Do you have an action you use on all your photos!? Love it!