December 01, 2010

Branson with Family

I am so behind... it is just pitiful.
I cannot believe I am just now getting around to
writing about our trip to Branson, Missouri this Summer.
I feel like I can never get caught up!
But I am slowly making progress and it feels soooo good!
I am going to get caught up if it's the last thing I do!

Here are some of my favorite pictures
of our time together on the lake:

Oh Matt, you never fail me with your funny expressions.


Dad relaxing..


My pretty little Mom.

Anytime we moved the boat to a different
area of the lake, Noah would fall right to sleep.


As soon as we stopped moving, it wasn't
long before Noah was up and running around.


Noah with his grandparents. Love this picture!


So glad Bibi {my sister, Abby's, husband}
could come with us this trip.


My dad rented a boat with a bunch of fun toys.
We had so much fun playing on the lake.


Getting kisses from Aunt Megan. So sweet!


Look who got to drive the boat!


Sleepy little guy. We must have been
driving the boat around. :)


Abby and Mom.


Love that sweet smile.




Wonder where he gets it from?

Looking at the big fish on the dock.


What a wonderful, relaxing trip we all had!
There is nothing better than spending time together as a family.



Linda P. said...

Great pics, Libby! Funny seeing your dad make that face. Like father--like son!

Erin Ward said...

Hey! I live in Springfield, MO - right next to Branson. Did you guys do any shopping while you were there? They have some great outlet malls.

Chrissy said...

Great pictures, Libby! Love all of them! Family time is so much fun!
What a cute family you have!

Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

Awesome photos.. looks like a great trip!

Jeska said...

Looks like a great trip! Beautiful pictures! Do you get nervous taking your nice camera on a boat though?! I think I would be paranoid haha.

Jami Nato said...

you know branson is only 3.5 hrs from KC. you should have swung by. haha.

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Looks like a really fun trip. Your family's too cute and you all look so much alike!

ASHLEY said...

These are wonderful photos!! YOu are such a good little photographer!!!

hiyaluv said...

It looks like you had a lovely time:) And your son is just too sweet:) Don't stress about being behind. You probably notice more than anyone else:)

hiyaluv said...

i hope that didn't come across as rude or mean-I didn't mean it too-I just meant that this time of year everyone is crazy busy and running around feeling behind---so no worries:) i'm sorry if it came across the wrong way...i feel so bad. where's the delete button?! :) hugs! gina

Teresa Podzemny said...

Looks like an AWESOME time together. Love your family! Tell your mom I miss her!

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