June 05, 2010

Baby Bump

My sweet friend, Elizabeth, has the most precious baby bump ever:


She is 20 weeks along and just found out
she is having a little baby boy!!
I am so, so happy for Elizabeth & her hubby Josh.

Yep, that's right.
We both have Josh's {or is it Joshes?}.
And, yes, it does get a little confusing at times.
If we start talking about our hubbies we usually
refer to them as "your Josh" or "my Josh."

Of course, the most logical thing
to do would be to use their initials, right?
But guess what, they are both JB's!
Wild, huh?

So anyways.
Today Elizabeth and I went to the Fort Worth
Botanical Garden to take some pictures
of her cute pregnant self.


Did I mention she has the cutest baby bump?
Oh right. I did already.
It must be that baby fever clouding my memory.


Elizabeth, you are going to love having a boy.
I'm so glad Noah will have a little buddy to hang out with.

Thanks for braving the heat with me today!
I had so much fun.



hiyaluv said...

yay for Elizabeth, for Noah for having a new friend, and for you for being so excited!:)

The Christians said...

Awww...Elizabeth looks great!! Boys are so fun...and a little scary with what they get into...haha! Anyways, congrats again Elizabeth!! Lovely pictures!

Amanda said...

She is gorgeous... beautiful bump! And your pictures are wonderful!!

Kasey said...

Oh Libby you did such a great job! And congratulations to her! So beautiful!