June 09, 2011

Snow Cones!


We stopped by a snow cone hut yesterday.
Yum. Yum. Yummm.
I got strawberry cheesecake with cream,
and it was amazing... as I knew it would be.

And the cup Noah is drinking from, yeah, that
would be mine. :) He didn't care too much for
green apple. Josh ended up stealing his. haha


I ♥ summertime!



Amanda said...

We had our first snowcones of the season last weekend! Jack's never had one before, so it was fun watching him enjoy it. No freezer headaches for him *yet* :)

Hearthandmade said...

i havent had a snowcone in yeeeears!

Anna Elder said...

i love sno cones! at least in my head i do. every summer for the past few years i insist on getting one and then complain about how much syrup is used. i guess i didn't care 10 years ago. but i will continue to love them!

Mandy said...

A snow cone hut?? Sounds heavenly!! :)

The Christians said...

Yummo!!! That sounds so good! There is a snowcone hut not too far from us...we ought to go sometime. We need a play date soon!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love your photos and blog - just playing catch up! Super fun. Thinking of you while Josh is away!

My Jeff is away too in New Orleans, till Friday. Yes, Jamaica is much farther but it is still no fun!

Linda P. said...

I love snow cones, tooo. I really love 'em with ice cream in them.

Our computer got a virus and then just flat out died. We didn't have one for days. We just got another one last night, so I am back. : ) I've missed being here.