June 21, 2011

Keep the ball from daddy!

We are loving the pool this summer! I don't know
what we would do without it. It has been hot, hot, hot
here in Fort Worth, and it is only June. Yikes!

The other evening while we were at the pool,
Noah & Daddy decided they had had enough swimming,
and started up a game of keep the beach ball from each other.


Noah was having the time of his life.
He ran and laughed and kicked the ball until
Daddy was totally worn out.

So glad I brought my camera along that
evening to catch a few pictures of all the fun!




kellye said...

Cute pics, Noah is such a doll!! It has been so hot I am considering selling the house and moving into an apartment for the pool! lol! :) just kidding ... kind of.

Mary said...

That is so cute! Looks like they were having a blast :)

Mandy said...

Awe!! I love the interaction between father's and their son's. You all are always going to look back on these photos forever and remember these awesome times!! Great pictures! :)

Ginelle Flores said...

this is so cute! :)

The Christians said...

Haha...looks like fun!! What a great game for them to play!

Kadbury said...

I can't wait until it gets warm enough to play in the water up here in the Frozen north! lol Too cute!


Amber said...

Oh my gosh, adorable!!!! Those pics are great!! Thanks so much for linking up! xoxo Amber