April 22, 2009

On the Move

I think our lives are about to change! Ever since Noah was born he hated tummy time.

This is the reaction we got every time we put Noah on his tummy. I'm telling you, this boy knows what he wants and doesn't want, and it is not difficult to figure out.

Seven months later he has still disliked being on his tummy, well, until recently. Over the past month he has been rolling all over the place! It's amazing how quick he can move. He will be on his blanket playing with his toys and the next thing you know he is scrounging through Einstein's toys trying to decided which one to play with. He is starting to spend a lot more time on his tummy and seems to even enjoy it now! I think he is beginning to realize the endless possibilities of tummy time. Not only is he rolling all over the place, he is starting to get on all fours! I'm pretty sure Noah is about to be on the move!

Whoa!? Are we ready for this? Ready or not here he comes!

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Erica Nye said...

You better get ready to run!