December 14, 2011

Joy to the World, Round Two

Today was Noah's last day of school before Christmas break, so Mrs. Misti and Mrs. Ashley had quite a fun day planned for Noah and his little friends. They all wore their pj's to school, watched The Grinch and Mickey Mouse, decorated ornaments, and had a pizza party. And of course, Noah left with lots and lots of yummy treats given to him by his friends and teachers. He brought candy cane cake pops to give to everyone.


Noah also got to sing Joy to the World again. And this time around, he actually sang! Ha! If you missed Noah's first performance, and I do mean it was a performance, click here to watch it. One of Noah's friends went home sick right before the Christmas program the other evening, so the whole class gave an encore performance today in the classroom so that everyone had a chance to sing. Sorry the video quality is so poor. Wish I would have brought our video camera instead of using my lousy cell phone. Oh well! The important thing is we have it on video!


SO cute! Yay Noah!



The Christians said...

So sweet!! Love his pj's! Looks like such a fun day!

floodedsoul said...

You, Libby Bonjour, are amazing! and funny, and beautiful, and smart, and creative, and crazy cool... you rock. Wish I could be more like you ... maybe when I grow up and slow down a bit....