March 15, 2009

Confessions of a Germophobe

When Noah was born, I became a germ freak! I probably annoy Josh to no end with all the disinfecting sanitizers, wipes, and the never ending inquiries about his recent hand-washings. Anytime someone touches Noah I inwardly cringe hoping their hands are clean. But I know I'm not the only mother that feels that way.

I had been looking at several different websites for high chair/shopping cart covers. I know, I know, when we were babies we all sat in those germ infested shopping carts and high chairs without the cute trendy covers, and we survived. But read the previous paragraph again, and you'll understand my position. When I'm in Walmart and see a baby in the front seat of the shopping cart without a cover, I am appalled. Can you imagine all the disgusting pathogens crawling all over that thing? Ok, I'll get off my soap box now.

My point is, I had been looking for a shopping cart cover. Have you seen the prices for those things? My gosh! They are outrageous! The ones I saw were very cute, but I could not justify spending 70 to 80 dollars on a cover.

Now let me brag on my mother-in-law, Gay Lynn. A while ago I wrote a post about the diaper bag my mom made for Noah. Like my mom, Gay Lynn can sew anything you can dream up. She sewed her own wedding dress for crying out loud, so you know she's good! So Josh and I found a pattern and picked out some fabric for the cover. Gay Lynn worked her magic, and within a week Noah had an adorable cover to sit in! Yay!

We love it, and Noah loves it too! We picked out some cute fabric with monkeys on it, and the cover looks exactly like the fancy-shmancy ones online. And it was MUCH cheaper. Thanks Grammy for appeasing my germophobic tendencies. Here are some pictures of Noah in his new cover at Cheddar's. Every time he's in a shopping cart I never have my camera with me, but I'll post some shopping cart pictures another time.

Oh by the way, after all the trouble we went through to shield Noah from the nasty germs on the shopping cart, he still managed to slip his hand under the cover and hold on to the bare cart. Ew. Just the thought of it makes me want to scrub him down. Oh well.

Have a wonderful day!-- Libby


chriselda said...

i was like that with laken for about five minutes. hahaha.
laken rarely gets sick so i have been lucky
exposure to germs is good though, no?
that way when they go to school, their immune systems are stronger.

cause believe you me... wait til the day you have to take him in there with a mix of kids that have snot dripping from their noses. and teachers who are too busy texting to wipe it off. ugh! so they run around with boogers smeared on their faces and your kid is hugging them. touching toys those kids have touched.


all i can do is shake my head. and hope my kid has Immune System of Steel! haha

Mas, Sarah, and Saylor said...

Amen sister!! I am such a germaphobe and having a baby made it 10 times worse! I definitely think it is a nurse thing! I have one of those cart covers and Saylor does the same thing....she finds any possible way to get her hand on that grimey cart handle! UGGH!

apryl said...

I was like that too with Jaxson....not anymore! No matter what you do he will manage to naw on the table, chair, whatever it may be! It seems gross but I figure hey, immune booster!